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Date Vehicle No. Speed omete r Read ing Work Or der No. Unite d S tates P ostal Service VEHICLE MAINTENANCE WORK ORDER Spe cificatio ns Lubrication Work Required Be fore A fter VMF Idle RPM (Initial
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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing find vehicle history for
This is a test for truck wash stations first of all you have to put in your username which will be either your username or an email address and then your password and sign in so it pretty much looks like the same one as before the only difference is this is going to be a little bit easier well a lot easier than what we were doing before first you go to make a new work order select Charge account from here you'll have a drop-down menu with account names and account numbers it's not ready yet but there will be account numbers here also so you can just punch in the number it'll ask if you need a p.o kind of looks familiar like the one that we used to use before so you can add your p.o now or add it after add in your driver's name last name if you wish the rest of these fields are optional so you don't need to use it you don't have to use the driver's license number either the one mandatory or the mandatory field is definitely a vehicle license number so if you don't see the vehicle license number actually members say that again vehicle license number or trailer number is mandatory and you don't need both of them or you can use either or so the first thing that we'll do is we'll add a new vehicle since my license number wasn't in there entering your license number select your vehicle type select your vehicle number and then add vehicle now you can drop down menu and you should see your vehicle there drop down the menu again and then add your vehicle number now if you're washing out a trailer and you need to add a trailer number also you can enter in the new trailer number of course we'll only have to do this once put in a trailer and then add trailer number and then add vehicle so you can get your trailer license number and your trailer number the mileage is optional you don't have to use that you don't have to use the work order type we can show you that later in a different video that's when the system is offline how you can upload something in there this button right here will capture the drivers signature it's not working right now but it should be working by Sunday so now we're ready to add items into the truck wash so just hit add item line and then you can pick truck and trailer launch clearly wash out and he wanted some wax then you just click the select button if you wanted to change the price you can do it right here in this window you don't have to do it later once you see that everything is correct then you can save your work order now you'll have to hit save and close one more time so now you've created a work order and it is ready to convert into an invoice if you're a Washington truck for what was it prime i think or co England they want the work order number before they give you a purchase order number then you would use this work order number 193 that would be the place where your number is okay so now you're ready to make the work order you're going to select view and if everything looks correct your everything's good or let's say...